this is my 12th day in Pare

As always happen, new place is mean new story. Let me roll my story to you best friends…

i start my first pharagrph story with adaptate with new culture, new weather. London room is my greats room with my 3 friends others.
There are Galih, Bagus and Andy.

Galih : He is sundanesse, native from Garut. Now, he still *going* at University of Garut with accuntant for his minor. 160 cm and 55 kg in weigh. Brown skin with straigh hair and neutral glasses for confident support. Cheer-up man and high passion to raise dream.

Bagus : Nganjuk is his hometown. Calm and melankolis. Silent at the first sight but deeply kind of fun. Bagus focus study in speaking and confidence buildeng. Therfore he join with speaking class. 175 cm and 60 kg

Andy. My friend from Malang. 20 old. Basketball player. 175 and 56 kg. Women lover. Bakso eater. Lot of secret on him. Moody person. Hight impression wave (woman said*)